Monday, April 28, 2014

Learn Fit

Today I wanted to share these great desks with you.  My daughter (4th grade) is lucky enough to be in one of the first trial classes for the Ergotron LearnFit adjustable desk in the U.S.  These standing desk are are amazing.  Her class has had them for a little over a month and they seem to be working out great.

You may think standing all day, Oh No!  However, this really helps the students focus and be more attentive.  Check out this informational video about the desk. 

My daughter loves her standing desk!  She is a "busy" student and having the ability to move has really helped her.  I think these would be amazing in a K/1 class!  

They also have a teacher standing desk, I would love to have one of these!  Maybe one day...

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