Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If Only a QR Code Could Talk...

If only a QR code could talk... Well they can!  I am sure we are all familiar with QR codes and are integrating them in our classroom.  (If not, you should be!  They make things so much more fun, efficient, effective and makes it easier for teachers too!)  Everyone knows you can link a website or video with a QR code.  Did you know you can also link audio?  Think of the possibilities!  First, I thought of many ways I could create audio QR codes to help students.  I could record myself reading the directions or questions for centers.  This would help them to work independently.

We often display student work in our hallways at my school.  Sometimes it is hard for others to understand what they are seeing.  Whether it be the writing is hard to read or others may not understand how the project relates to learning.  It would be great if the students could stand out in the hall and explain their work to all of those interested who pass by.  By adding a simple voice QR code, students can add their voice to their projects.  Now anyone with a mobile device and a QR scanner app can simply scan it an listen.  Other students could scan and listen, learning from their classmates.  This is the ultimate way to easily incorporate the Common Core's speaking and listening standards.

I found this great website vocaroo.com !  It was so easy to record audio and generate a QR code; even  5 year old could do it!  I put these directions together and thought I would share, click here to get them free.

Here is a quick video tutorial on how easy it really is.

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